Finally Got To Go To Diggerland!

After years of wanting to go, I finally got to go to Diggerland! Surely one of the main reasons we have kids is so that we can go to places like Diggerland and not be judged!  “I’m here because the kids wanted to come!” honest?

The Family at Diggerland

Diggerland  was much smaller than I imagined, more of a Diggercity or Diggerenclave in the surrounding Castleford. They have however packed plenty into the smaller space.  As soon as you get through the building head down the left hand side of the land to start with the smaller diggers and rides.  Avoid the coin operated digger as soon as you enter, we didn’t! It’s rubbish compared to the real diggers a few metres on. Save your pound for later!

The variety of diggers and rides is impressive but be sure to measure your children before you set off, if your child is under 80cm tall then maybe look for another day out.  If your child is between 90cm and 110cm then you are going to have to pay for that child however they will not be allowed to drive any of the machines unaccompanied. Over 110cm? Pack your hard hat and work boots and get to Diggerland!

At about 95cm the boy fits into the middle bracket so he is allowed on nearly all of the diggers with an adult driver. Perfect for me.  I took all of the credit when a manoeuvre looked expert and blamed the boy each time a bucket aimlessly lurched to the left.  Being dinosaur mad at the minute he really enjoyed the train ride around the small wooded area spotting the hidden T-Rex. this was also the only one of the main rides that the girl (1yo) could have a go at.

If you take our advice and started down the left you will exit past some treasures.  The digger bucket roller coaster thing is excellent – The marshal didn’t check his height so I was able to sneak the boy on (Evil Laugh!) He absolutely hated it and looked like he was going to pass out (Stop Evil Laugh!) I loved it.  If you also saved your pound coin in the beginning then there is a small coin operated driving school area that allows any age to drive, especially good for the middle bracketers as they have not done any independent driving. We didn’t save our pound coin so he missed out. He has asked to go back a number of times to drive those cars, well played Diggerland, well played.  The indoor play area and cafe are nice.

Verdict – I really enjoyed it, the kids did too.  For the kids to get the most out of it maybe wait until they are all over 110cm and certainly avoid if they are all under 80cm.  At around £20 a ticket on the door make sure that you book in advance for a discount or use a voucher.  We used a buy one get one free purple voucher token.



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